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Buy Hand Sanitizer in Bulk at Prime Reagents

Our hand sanitizers provide protection against germs that cause infections and illnesses. These hand sanitizers  feel great to use and can reduce common germs. The formulation of our hand sanitizers is non-sticky, residue-free and is formulated using WHO & FDA guidelines. These sanitizers contain 80% ethanol to ensure effective sanitization of germs from surfaces and hands.

A No-Rinse Hand Sanitizer Available for High Frequency Use

We offer the best solutions for ensuring optimal hand hygiene. Our germ protection sanitizers good protection for keeping germs at bay. The exceptional efficacy of our hand sanitizer available in bulk offers you optimal protection from germs, while the refreshing fragrance makes you feel invigorated and fresh. Available in a size of 2oz, 4oz & 8oz, you can buy our hand sanitizer in bulk and keep it in stock for using in your workplace, car, home or on high-touch surfaces.