Are Hand Sanitizers Effective Against COVID-19?

COVID-19 hit like a storm to the world and is not vanishing from the world anytime soon. Influenza, Ebola, cancer, and other diseases were not enough that the humankind is now facing another dilemma – The COVID-19.

Initially, the disease was hard to deal with, but with time, new interventions and preventions came into everyone’s knowledge. Until and unless the vaccine for the virus is introduced, people need to follow some strict guidelines to avoid catching the virus.

One of the guidelines is to keep your hands clean and free of germs. Why?

The coronavirus spreads pretty quickly and nose, eyes, and mouth are prime locations to let it easily enter your body. As humans, we touch our faces hundreds of times, which is why it is necessary to keep our hands clean.

How is hand sanitizer effective against COVID-19?

According to the WHO, the ethanol hand sanitizer deactivates similar viruses and sanitize your hands of germs. It’s highly recommended to sanitize hands frequently as the virus stays on surfaces and in the air as well. A person can never know if they have the virus on their hands or not. Quarantining yourself is not enough as you’ll have to go out one day for groceries or something else, hence, it’s necessary to introduce the use of hand sanitizers in your routine. Keep sanitizing your hands frequently every time you go out of your house.

Which sanitizers to shop?

Since the pandemic has started, sanitizers, gloves, and face masks vanished from the markets due to high customer demand. For you to shop for an effective product, it’s important to pay attention to it.

Most of the sanitizers in the market are not registered with the FDA, hence, it is important for you to look for sanitizers that are registered with the FDA. Along with it, the sanitizers should not contain methanol in it, rather, ethanol should be used in them. Ethanol is more effective than isopropyl alcohol against viruses.  Studies published by others show that ethanol concentration above 80% is more effective against most viruses.

Do not use sanitizers that contain methanol in it for various reasons. It’s extremely harmful and toxic for the person, so make sure your sanitizer is made up of ethanol and not methanol.


Pack your shelves with high-quality hand sanitizers to make sure you’re hands always free of the germs and viruses. The coronavirus is dangerous and can cost your life as well, so why risk it? Shop FDA-registered hand sanitizers with at least 80% ethanol alcohol from the store and ensure your safety at all times.

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